Kin Working

Kin Working is an initiative at Kin Experience where the possibilities are endless…

Juniper is our new room dedicated to coworking. In addition to this space, we offer a variety of services for you to enjoy: customized catering for your team members; a training session with our partner, Recharge; or a happy hour musical at our cabaret, Kin Musique, to end your day. All of this in one space!



Our new space dedicated to coworking is perfect for joining colleagues for a conference, a meeting, or simply to encourage bonding and cooperation between members of your team.

This room can accommodate up to 30 people and is equipped with a kitchenette, white boards, a TV screen, and other necessities. We will do our best to accommodate you and your group’s needs.

Choice of meal

Kin Catering

Whether for a private reception or a business function, our menu formula offers your guests a convivial meal with a multitude of choices.

Our chef offers you variety by combining ingredients according to the market, your tastes and new trends while keeping the most traditional dishes as popular as ever.

Let yourself be tempted by our classics.



Reinforce, relax and recover with a variety of personalized wellness solutions right upstairs. Experience back/neck and shoulder pain relief using award winning technology. Strengthen important muscles to help prevent body pains so you can live the life you want. We look forward to seeing you.


La Fondation

La Fondation is a non-profit organization located in the heart of downtown Montreal with a mission to democratize the performing arts through creative entrepreneurship and education.

Since its founding in 2020, La Fondation Kin Musique has showcased artists from across genres hosting over 100 events featuring live music, poetry, jazz, dance and theatre arts.

La Fondation resides at Kin Experience.

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